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Work has been rough, as expected, but there's a week and a half left in December so I can make it.

We had our work Christmas party wherein our manager said to us, "turn off your computers for two hours. We're having food and games.". Getting paid for sitting around playing card games? Sign me up! A few people were grinches, but they always are around this time of year. One of them has NEVER participated as far as I can tell - not once in eight years has she even tried to join the Christmas party.

Hubby's party was good, too... the local Japanese place is always yummy.
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Our first Halloween in the house. We didn't decorate too much but it is only our first year. Next year we'll put up a few more things, methinks.

Got about 75 kids overall, which was pretty awesome for the crappy weather we had. I'm rather pleased. Wore my Minnie Mouse and I had a few kids grin at the sight of me, and a few boys try and mooch a bit more candy by telling me I looked good. I won't complain! :)

The only blip was a rude asshat after work when I was waiting for the bus. Rather than change to bus home, only to change again for kids, I just wore my costume home. Had a drunk idiot say something sexually inappropriate while waiting at the stop but ah, well. At least someone finds me attractive?


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