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Work has been rough, as expected, but there's a week and a half left in December so I can make it.

We had our work Christmas party wherein our manager said to us, "turn off your computers for two hours. We're having food and games.". Getting paid for sitting around playing card games? Sign me up! A few people were grinches, but they always are around this time of year. One of them has NEVER participated as far as I can tell - not once in eight years has she even tried to join the Christmas party.

Hubby's party was good, too... the local Japanese place is always yummy.

Work, ech.

Dec. 15th, 2012 07:11 pm
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This week. UG. I was doing rather well until I realized yesterday just how much crap I'm in for on Monday since I have a massive pile of work and nobody to do it. Just like all 16 other Queen-Bees in the department.

We're having a TON of drama with the new "junior manager" positions since one of our manager-types is losing her power base to us and she is NOT happy about it. The two or three of her favourites that she let get away with just about anything are losing their protection and they are not happy. So all three of them are stirring up trouble and dissent among the other QBs. It's rough facing opposition like that but you just have to take it in stride... or so I've been told. I'm still trying to not take shit like this personally.

It bothers me a bit that they're so blatant about it and rather than talking to us directly, they just start whispers behind our backs.

Welcome to management, I guess.
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I didn't think being a manager would be this stressful but it's been a real eye-opener having to manage people as well as work. Having to talk to people about things that need to be fixed will never be easy. But I have to learn how to do it. *sigh*

I got the most WONDERFUL email on Friday which made my entire week in one shot. Background - client service has a meeting with a fairly high-profile client on Monday and needs the study as soon as humanly possible to meet this deadline. She told us about this on Thursday. Person who normally handles this study is on evenings and CS is emailing during the day so I stepped in. On Thursday, I had originally told CS that same-day work isn't always feasible but "miracles happen, especially this time of year".

Friday, CS told me that "I really like what you said yesterday about miracles happening. It's been the thing that has kept me positive about this study rather than nervous."

SQUEE. I am doing my job well! ;) Best part? She really will get her study by Monday as I had all 4000 coded by yesterday before I left, we were just waiting for the last few responses to come in today or early Monday. I ROCK. Hehehehe.

So in between the stress, I have these little magical areas of good. I think most jobs are like that in the end.
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Went fairly well. Had a good discussion with the fellow night supervisors and we talked about a few problem children and things to look out for. Sounds like I got landed with a hornets' nest of issues and personality clashes. Yay. It's also long been the 'lazy' shift - nobody is really around to supervise so for as long as I've been working with the department the night shift has never worked to the level of the day shift. While the cat's away and all that.

But overall, it was okay. It's quiet and stuff got done but it's definitely rather boring since nobody is around to answer emails after a certain hour so it's kind of annoying to run out of work and have nothing left until the next day.

One down, 14 to go. :)
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Only took them a month to DO the interviews and then two weeks to decide...

Anyhow, I digress.

Rather than choose from amongst the three that applied, they just offered the job to us all. ;) So as of Monday, I get a raise and a new job title. Plus a crapton of other responsibilities but hey, I signed up for this.

It amuses me that my bosses think *I* will be the leader in the group of us when one of my co-workers is a force of nature and even a mountain couldn't move that girl when she puts her mind to something!

My manager and I had a geek moment when the Big Boss told me that they'd like to offer me the job and I did a snoopy dance in the chair. My manager laughed at me and we then proceeded to geek out while our big boss just looked confused. She who does not geek shall never understand. *sigh*
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Essentially it's a junior manager. We would be her assistants and our list of duties is pretty extensive, but they're duties that NEED to be done. I know the other two people that applied and it just so happens that we're all friends. :) So the three of us have done a lot of talking about how these duties apply to us and the changes we would like to make in the department.

Overall, I think I did okay. My bosses seemed positive so that's a good sign. It's just nerve-wracking when you're interviewed by people who know you very well and you're really not sure what they're looking for.
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People are still grouchy, but I have enough friendly and funny people I deal with that it balances out in the end. I had a few good giggles this week courtesy of my favourite client people, so I can't complain too much overall.

The only real downer the last couple of days has been getting sick. I think it's just a minor cold, but it sucks when it hits in combination with other things. Ah, well... get it out of my system now, before my birthday!

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Crazy days

Jul. 10th, 2012 09:01 pm
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Work was slightly haywire - once my company took over two others earlier this year, we inherited a large amount of the other companies' workloads. Except the employees of the other companies are not exactly forthcoming with information about how things are done, and we're finding ourselves re-doing things over and over again, sometimes up to four months later (as happened today). It has not been a smooth transition, and many people might even call it hell.

But things have to get better sometime, right?

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