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Sort of. I hate having to justify myself at work and explain why people aren't happy with my efforts when I DON'T KNOW WHY THEY HATE ME. I think that particular group are just a bunch of bitches that are determined to hate everyone. Ever since we took them over, the whole lot of them have been on the warpath, trying to find *anything* to bitch at us about. Even the smallest thing, like forgetting a comma, can set them off.

Ah well. As long as I can back up my "I did everything I was TOLD" then it's all sort of good.
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So many problems with my studies, and the people I supervise. Something has to give in that place, and I hope it's not the sanity of those of us who truly care about our jobs. So many others just don't give a frick and it shows.

It sucks that it's the same people creating huge piles of mess, and the same people who clean it up every time. Do we ever get thanked for it? Nope. It just becomes expected of us when the same things happen again.

Despite it all, I still like my job for the most part.
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People have been exceptionally negative over the past few days. I hate feeling like I'm on the wrong end of something, except the severe dislike the other half of our company has for the legacy people. It's very frustrating getting nothing but cold words and stone walls when you ask for help or for instructions on how to do things.

Watching: Murdoch Mysteries
Reading: Brighid's Quest, P.C. Cast
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Got an email from my boss yesterday to let me know that she got a complaint about me and what my side of the story was. The list of complaints the bitch who doesn't like me had was looooooong and uh... I'm HUMAN. Sometimes shit happens, and her list of 'issues' was utter bullshit anyway. Doesn't make me feel any better since I still have to deal with this bitch on a regular basis. Joy.


Spending time with friends today helped. Got the sewing room sort of straightened out, so yay.


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