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Going to start work on a new cosplay this weekend. Going to teach myself how to make a sailor collar. Found a few tutorials online so I think I understand but I shall scrap fabric the heck out of it first! Hopefully in a couple of weeks The Boy and I can go out for a photoshoot.

If all goes well anyway.

Loooots of blue fabric!

Reading: Gabriel Allon books, Daniel Silva
Listening: Doctor Who audios
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Been a very long week... work isn't crazy-busy yet so it was a bit slow. But steady, so it wasn't too bad.

Another ghost hunt on Friday, and I had a smoke reading which really makes me go "hrm". I've seen her read for other people but having a reading done for myself was quite a different experience.

Doctor Who nearly made me cry last night... I don't even LIKE Amy as a character but watching her last episode was still heart-wrenching.
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People have been exceptionally negative over the past few days. I hate feeling like I'm on the wrong end of something, except the severe dislike the other half of our company has for the legacy people. It's very frustrating getting nothing but cold words and stone walls when you ask for help or for instructions on how to do things.

Watching: Murdoch Mysteries
Reading: Brighid's Quest, P.C. Cast
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Very stressful overall - my family has had a rough time this year with the health of our pets. We lost two of our three 'old' cats (one was 8 years old, the other was 19 years old) and last weekend we nearly lost the third. He's doing better now, but he's still not quite out of the woods. I don't think any of us could take it if we lost him, too.

Work has been stressful - short weeks make for short tempers, and month end is rough for everyone. We got through it, but it's definitely not fun. I did have a co-worker tell me the other day that I always act so composed and never seem like things are getting to me. I just laughed at her - I'm either a very good actress, or this co-worker has never been around during one of my semi-frequent meltdowns! My secret though is delegating - when I have a huuuuge pile of work, I tend to fling most of it at other people so that I'm left with only the things that I *truly* have to do. If it's basic setup or editing, someone else can do it. :)

Reading: Goddess By Mistake series, P.C. Cast
Watching: 9/11 memorials
Listening: Big Finish audio plays - yay iTunes!
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Been unpacking pretty much all weekend. Found some of my good jewelery, and some of my costume stuff. It's been like Christmas, lol. Have a few boxes yet to go through, and my hubby has to lug a few boxes to different locations since they're too heavy for me.

My next big project is going to be purging my sewing room of fabric scraps and bad fabric types. I think that weekend, I will dump all five containers on the floor and sort by colour. I'll just have to remember to label the newly-filled containers afterwards!

Watching: Mythbusters
Reading: Norse myths
Listening: Starbase 66 (podcast on itunes)


Sep. 1st, 2012 08:26 pm
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Been busy unpacking these past few days. Moved all the big stuff on Wednesday, now comes all the putting our living space back together. The basement was full of boxes but now it's only 50% full. :) I've been busy! A lot of the boxes that I didn't fully unpack are boxes of my sewing stuff so I need to have a weekend of purging fabric. One of these upcoming weekends. :)

Watching: Murdoch Mysteries
Listening: Radio Margaritaville
Reading: Norse tales at the moment
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At least today was better than Friday was. Holy mother of someone.

Re-connected with some friends over the weekend and that really helped put some things in perspective.

Reading: James Patterson
Watching: Paranormal Witness
Listening: Nothing at the moment
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UG, didn't realize I had so many books and miscellaneous things. I can't even count the number of boxes that we've already sent out of the apartment. And we're not done yet, that's the terrifying thing.

But that's what friends and family are for - to help pack and move. :D

And now it is a geek morning - Doctor Who ahoy!

Reading: Harry Turtledove's Atlantis books
Watching: Doctor Who (Vampires of Venice)
Listening: The theme tune for DW
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It's been a very rough six weeks, from Father's Day weekend up until this week. They say bad things come in threes, and so far, I've only had two of the three. I'm hoping the third is a minor bad, and not on the level of the first two. I don't think anyone from my family could take it. :(

All I can do is focus on the good things. It's hard, but I'm trying.

It doesn't help that I'm seriously re-considering a friendship since my friend and I have moved very far apart in our beliefs, to the point where we could almost be polar opposites. It hurts to see some of the posts she makes, knowing that she thinks so badly of certain groups of people. I can't tell her that she's wrong for believing certain things, but I wish there was a way to stop having to hear and/ or read her hatred.
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I had Friday night to myself, but I spent it sewing and ironing to make my final cosplay of the year ready for sibling's artwork on Saturday. :) So one more down.

Yesterday sibling was over and she came with me to an appointment, then did my painting for me. SQUEEEEE! I love my artsy friends who help me make awesome costumes (and who are just plain awesome). We watched a couple movies - Despicable Me (love!) and Up! (not so love).

Today was a baseball game that ended up in a rain delay, so we left after 5 innings. The team was losing and being generally stinky anyway so it was no loss for us! Boo.

Daily life

Jul. 5th, 2012 10:43 pm
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Given the American and Canadian holidays this week, work has been exceptionally slow. It's nice to breathe after the hell that was last week, but it's also proving hard to focus on work for any great length of time.

Reading: James Patterson, First to Die
Watching: Jeopardy
Listening: Nothing at the moment
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I`m pondering doing a list of what I`m doing on a particular day, in terms of reading/ watching/ listening...

So, first go...
Reading: River Marked, by Patricia Briggs
Watching: Justice League, season 1
Listening: Podcasts mostly - Stuff You Should Know, Things You Missed in History Class, Game of Owns, Starbase 66, Atomic Trivia War 9000
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It's been a long and winding road, but I think I finally found somewhere to share thoughts. Maybe not big ones, but it's a start. :)


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