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Been a very long week... work isn't crazy-busy yet so it was a bit slow. But steady, so it wasn't too bad.

Another ghost hunt on Friday, and I had a smoke reading which really makes me go "hrm". I've seen her read for other people but having a reading done for myself was quite a different experience.

Doctor Who nearly made me cry last night... I don't even LIKE Amy as a character but watching her last episode was still heart-wrenching.
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My older sis runs a tour company that is heavy into paranormal/ ghost tours right now, including doing 'vigils' at a variety of locations where a group of people get together and over the course of about three hours, do experiments to see if any spirits are present.

So I went along on one over the weekend and it was a very unique experience. Not sure much happened, but what did was thought-provoking. The thing that stood out the most was a very loud, unexplained creaking sound that came from an empty cupboard behind us. Can't promise it wasn't a natural occurrence but the owner of the building said that's never happened before so that's something.

One thing that kinda made me go "hrm" was using the "ghost radar" app for I-things that is supposed to convert energy to words. At one point, the app said "Pacific", "denied" and "air" all in quick succession so I asked the owner who lived in the building during WW2. She said it was a bike shop but didn't say much more about it. After we were done in the area, she told me that they HAVE seen a military man in the main room where we were. Not sure if he's WW2 era or not, but that was rather cool.

The app also said a name and "similar" within 8 seconds of each other when we were in the basement so I asked "is your name ____ or something similar?" and the glass on the table that the group was using for experimenting went bonkers.

Overall, I thought it was a good experience. I think I'd like to go on another vigil or two in order to get a better understanding of how my sis works these things. It was fun.


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