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One thing I've found very interesting in recent weeks is just how wacky and off clothing sizes can BE. I'm not a small woman (I'm a solid plus-size) and yet I *know* I'm not some of the sizes I have found myself buying in clothing recently.

Case in point: I am looking into buying more pinup/ rockabilly clothing since I am finding I really love the style. The brand that fits me the best (so far) is Hell Bunny, which is out of the UK. But I can only wear their dresses that have elastic around the zipper, and even then I have to wear a 4X.

On the opposite end of the weird spectrum, I was just at Old Navy today and bought several tops. My size there? XL. Their XXL makes me drown in fabric.

Granted, Hell Bunny is a very different type of clothing and is probably far more structured than your average ON top, but at the same time... why such a difference? It's totally whacked out. It makes me wonder how on earth people buy so many clothes online since there's no guarantee anything will fit, especially if you are buying from a country who's sizes are different than North American sizes -a UK22 is not a US22.

I've never really cared much about my clothes when I was growing up. I was very much a "I like the colour, I think it'll fit so let's go" kind of girl, but I am a lot more aware now of how things fit and what looks good on me as a person. I am more aware of sizing differences between brands and stores so I am definitely learning the value of trying clothes on before I buy them! I spent far too many years assuming things would fit only to find they didn't for one reason or another.

I do like that stores like Forever 21 and Old Navy are making larger sizes, and making some of their current sizes more generous - five years ago, I could never have worn an XL Old Navy top, and I was smaller then! But today, I bought several tops in their XL size and they fit just fine. :) So kudos to some retailers for acknowledging that not all girls are built like sticks! I like that I can shop at more stores now than just Addition-Elle and Penningtons (the Canadian equivalents to Lane Bryant).


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