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My family has had it rough this year with our cats. Father's Day weekend, my dad found the body of my kitten (well, she was 8 but she was still my little girl). She hadn't been well for weeks and we guess her body just gave out. Less than eight weeks later, we lost a second cat - this time the oldest one. He came upstairs for breakfast, sort of looked at my parents as if to say "I'm done, Mom, Dad. Help me."

Four weeks after we lost my girl, my parents adopted two kittens from the shelter my father volunteers at. They were about five months old at the time and cute as two little buttons. They decided pretty quickly they adore my dad, to the point of sharing meals with him. If he's eating it, it's good enough for them. From lasagna to birthday cake, the girls will eat it. I've watched them do it!

THEN. The kitten tails continue.

About five weeks ago now, my dad was taking out the garbage at the shelter and heard a kitten crying by the dumpster. He looked and found this tiny little orange ball of fluff, maybe 6 weeks old. The shelter volunteers don't always react well if a new cat comes in since the place is bursting at the seams with cats that need homes so he was wondering what to do with this little guy. "Accidentally" let him in? Ignore him? So my dad headed inside to ask the head honcho what to do and in the meantime, another volunteer brought the kitten in, A foster family took him in, got him cleaned up and gave him his shots, and generally made sure he was socialized. But if the shelter hadn`t taken him that day, my dad would have just taken him right then and there, fortunately it didn't come to that.

Fast forward to this past Friday. My dad had been told that two different families wanted to take the little guy so my dad asked the head volunteer when he was heading to his new home. Apparently BOTH families backed out, so the poor little hairball was homeless. Yeah... my dad took that as a sign he was destined to adopt the little guy. He comes home tomorrow. After a bit of a rough patch, I guess he found the right human. It really must have been karma that it was my dad who found him and pretty much wanted to take him home that very night anyway. :)
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My older sis runs a tour company that is heavy into paranormal/ ghost tours right now, including doing 'vigils' at a variety of locations where a group of people get together and over the course of about three hours, do experiments to see if any spirits are present.

So I went along on one over the weekend and it was a very unique experience. Not sure much happened, but what did was thought-provoking. The thing that stood out the most was a very loud, unexplained creaking sound that came from an empty cupboard behind us. Can't promise it wasn't a natural occurrence but the owner of the building said that's never happened before so that's something.

One thing that kinda made me go "hrm" was using the "ghost radar" app for I-things that is supposed to convert energy to words. At one point, the app said "Pacific", "denied" and "air" all in quick succession so I asked the owner who lived in the building during WW2. She said it was a bike shop but didn't say much more about it. After we were done in the area, she told me that they HAVE seen a military man in the main room where we were. Not sure if he's WW2 era or not, but that was rather cool.

The app also said a name and "similar" within 8 seconds of each other when we were in the basement so I asked "is your name ____ or something similar?" and the glass on the table that the group was using for experimenting went bonkers.

Overall, I thought it was a good experience. I think I'd like to go on another vigil or two in order to get a better understanding of how my sis works these things. It was fun.
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At least today was better than Friday was. Holy mother of someone.

Re-connected with some friends over the weekend and that really helped put some things in perspective.

Reading: James Patterson
Watching: Paranormal Witness
Listening: Nothing at the moment
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UG, didn't realize I had so many books and miscellaneous things. I can't even count the number of boxes that we've already sent out of the apartment. And we're not done yet, that's the terrifying thing.

But that's what friends and family are for - to help pack and move. :D

And now it is a geek morning - Doctor Who ahoy!

Reading: Harry Turtledove's Atlantis books
Watching: Doctor Who (Vampires of Venice)
Listening: The theme tune for DW
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It's been a very rough six weeks, from Father's Day weekend up until this week. They say bad things come in threes, and so far, I've only had two of the three. I'm hoping the third is a minor bad, and not on the level of the first two. I don't think anyone from my family could take it. :(

All I can do is focus on the good things. It's hard, but I'm trying.

It doesn't help that I'm seriously re-considering a friendship since my friend and I have moved very far apart in our beliefs, to the point where we could almost be polar opposites. It hurts to see some of the posts she makes, knowing that she thinks so badly of certain groups of people. I can't tell her that she's wrong for believing certain things, but I wish there was a way to stop having to hear and/ or read her hatred.
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Sooooo.... movies. After a long weekend of geeking and friends, the hubby, my sis and I went to see "The Dark Knight Rises".

In brief, without spoilers....

I really, really hated how LOUD the music was. Granted, we saw it at the IMAX so that could have had something to do with it, but the music was painfully loud in a lot of places, to the point where dialogue was completely drowned out. Bane, too, was far too loud. His ADR was at least understandable, but far too loud in a few places.

I must admit I loved Anne Hathaway. She was fun. I also liked character of Blake. They actually gave a brand-new character a LOT to do. He had more to do than some of the established characters!

All in all... 8/10. Not perfect by any means. A lot of things made me cringe for a variety of reasons, but I did enjoy it overall. Not going to rush out to see it again, but maybe in about a month or so, when I've had time to think it over and have read a few more reviews and clarifications.
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I had Friday night to myself, but I spent it sewing and ironing to make my final cosplay of the year ready for sibling's artwork on Saturday. :) So one more down.

Yesterday sibling was over and she came with me to an appointment, then did my painting for me. SQUEEEEE! I love my artsy friends who help me make awesome costumes (and who are just plain awesome). We watched a couple movies - Despicable Me (love!) and Up! (not so love).

Today was a baseball game that ended up in a rain delay, so we left after 5 innings. The team was losing and being generally stinky anyway so it was no loss for us! Boo.

Crazy days

Jul. 10th, 2012 09:01 pm
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Work was slightly haywire - once my company took over two others earlier this year, we inherited a large amount of the other companies' workloads. Except the employees of the other companies are not exactly forthcoming with information about how things are done, and we're finding ourselves re-doing things over and over again, sometimes up to four months later (as happened today). It has not been a smooth transition, and many people might even call it hell.

But things have to get better sometime, right?

Reading: The Secret Garden,Frances Hodgson Burnett
Listening: Alohamora podcast
Watching: Ghost Hunters

Daily life

Jul. 5th, 2012 10:43 pm
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Given the American and Canadian holidays this week, work has been exceptionally slow. It's nice to breathe after the hell that was last week, but it's also proving hard to focus on work for any great length of time.

Reading: James Patterson, First to Die
Watching: Jeopardy
Listening: Nothing at the moment
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I`m pondering doing a list of what I`m doing on a particular day, in terms of reading/ watching/ listening...

So, first go...
Reading: River Marked, by Patricia Briggs
Watching: Justice League, season 1
Listening: Podcasts mostly - Stuff You Should Know, Things You Missed in History Class, Game of Owns, Starbase 66, Atomic Trivia War 9000
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It's been a long and winding road, but I think I finally found somewhere to share thoughts. Maybe not big ones, but it's a start. :)


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