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I didn't think being a manager would be this stressful but it's been a real eye-opener having to manage people as well as work. Having to talk to people about things that need to be fixed will never be easy. But I have to learn how to do it. *sigh*

I got the most WONDERFUL email on Friday which made my entire week in one shot. Background - client service has a meeting with a fairly high-profile client on Monday and needs the study as soon as humanly possible to meet this deadline. She told us about this on Thursday. Person who normally handles this study is on evenings and CS is emailing during the day so I stepped in. On Thursday, I had originally told CS that same-day work isn't always feasible but "miracles happen, especially this time of year".

Friday, CS told me that "I really like what you said yesterday about miracles happening. It's been the thing that has kept me positive about this study rather than nervous."

SQUEE. I am doing my job well! ;) Best part? She really will get her study by Monday as I had all 4000 coded by yesterday before I left, we were just waiting for the last few responses to come in today or early Monday. I ROCK. Hehehehe.

So in between the stress, I have these little magical areas of good. I think most jobs are like that in the end.


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