Aug. 20th, 2012

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My family has had it rough this year with our cats. Father's Day weekend, my dad found the body of my kitten (well, she was 8 but she was still my little girl). She hadn't been well for weeks and we guess her body just gave out. Less than eight weeks later, we lost a second cat - this time the oldest one. He came upstairs for breakfast, sort of looked at my parents as if to say "I'm done, Mom, Dad. Help me."

Four weeks after we lost my girl, my parents adopted two kittens from the shelter my father volunteers at. They were about five months old at the time and cute as two little buttons. They decided pretty quickly they adore my dad, to the point of sharing meals with him. If he's eating it, it's good enough for them. From lasagna to birthday cake, the girls will eat it. I've watched them do it!

THEN. The kitten tails continue.

About five weeks ago now, my dad was taking out the garbage at the shelter and heard a kitten crying by the dumpster. He looked and found this tiny little orange ball of fluff, maybe 6 weeks old. The shelter volunteers don't always react well if a new cat comes in since the place is bursting at the seams with cats that need homes so he was wondering what to do with this little guy. "Accidentally" let him in? Ignore him? So my dad headed inside to ask the head honcho what to do and in the meantime, another volunteer brought the kitten in, A foster family took him in, got him cleaned up and gave him his shots, and generally made sure he was socialized. But if the shelter hadn`t taken him that day, my dad would have just taken him right then and there, fortunately it didn't come to that.

Fast forward to this past Friday. My dad had been told that two different families wanted to take the little guy so my dad asked the head volunteer when he was heading to his new home. Apparently BOTH families backed out, so the poor little hairball was homeless. Yeah... my dad took that as a sign he was destined to adopt the little guy. He comes home tomorrow. After a bit of a rough patch, I guess he found the right human. It really must have been karma that it was my dad who found him and pretty much wanted to take him home that very night anyway. :)


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